Depository Safes


The Safeage Depository Safes are of various types, designed to segregate the person collecting cash from the actual cashier. With every organization having their specific needs, the design of the safes is flexible, with the only common principle being segregation of cash collection from cash management.


The depository safes are available in various designs ie 3 stage depository, 2 stage depository rear depositary and are normally used anywhere . . . there is cash collection in different shifts eg petrol pumps, departmental stores, bars, toll booths, temples, wherever the cash collection is distinct from the cash management.


Drawer Type Depository Safes: Cash is placed in the open drawer which when shut drops the cash into the safe below access to which is only with the cash manager.


Slot Type Depository Safe: A post box type slit is provided in the body of the safe to post cash.


Keys are maintained by the cash manager. A variation to the above is the Rotor Type Depository Safe wherein a post like slit is provided and the cash when dropped falls into the Rotor which needs to be turned to drop the cash into the safe.



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