Fire & Burglar Resistant Safes


SAFEAGE Fire & burglar safes are of the double walled fully welded construction with a special barrier material sandwiched between the outer and inner walls providing resistance against fire and burglary. The thickness of the outer and inner steel body together is 8 mm more than the BIS prescribed thickness of 7 mm. The special barrier material (Different formulations for each class)

sandwiched between the inner and outer walls define the category of safe. Fire and Burglar Resistant safes of Safeage have been tested and certified as under:

1) Class "C" TL30 D, TL10X 5, FR 30-BIS Licensed IS 550 2003- Evaluation done at ARAI

2) Class "CCC" TL 30X6, FR 30- Evaluation done at CBRI



 FR 30-30 minutes fire Rating

 TL 30-30 minutes against tool attacks.



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