Fire Protection Cabinets


The Safeage Fire Protection Cabinet or Fire Resistant Record Cabinet has a sturdy double walled construction with a specially formulated Fire Resistant compound cast in situ between. the external and internal walls enveloping the entire inner shell. The construction is like that of a cupboard with the double walls sandwiching the fire resistant compound within. The tongue and groove construction obstructs the free flow of fire, heat and gases and the carefully placed intumescent seal which expands as the temperature rises effectively seals the cabinet and

 secures the contents from any ingress of flames or hot gases. The locking mechanism consists of 8 bolts which seal the door to all four sides of the cabinet at the turn of the handle. The bolts are then locked with a 6 lever dual control lock. The Fire Protection Cabinet protects the paper stored within from the ravages of fire. These cabinets are used extensively in Banks for the preservation of loan documents. The cabinets can be customized by providing lockers for privacy.


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