Strongroom Doors


Safeage Strong Room Doors are designed to meet the security needs of a wide variety of institutions ranging from Banks and Financial Institutionsto diamond merchants and retail jewellery outlets.The Construction consists of outer and inner mild steel plates continuously welded together forming a single structure sandwiching infill material which defines the category of the door as:

1)Class "C" TRTL 15 FR 30

2)Class "B" TRTL 30 TRTL 30

3) Class "A"TRTL 60


The door is hung on a Door Frame constructed of 10mm MS plates bent to grip the concrete wall entrance to the Vault Room.


1. Prime quality 10mm thick MS steel plates form the front plate of the door.

2. A Torch & Drill Resistant Matrix barrier is sandwiched between the outer and inner plates.

3. A Specially formulated Fire Resistant barrier also forms part of the sandwich material between inner and outer plates.

4. Rotation of the operating handle activates shooting bolts 6 in front and 6 at the back which slides into the tough rebate.

5. Balanced pressure bolt work equates the pressure on the lock bolts on either side.

6. The door is fitted with a high precision dual control lock.

7. Additional security can be provided by fitting mechanical combination lock, electronic or time locks.

8. Automatic Relocking Device which shall come into operation if a lock is dislodged by explosives or any other means.

9. A grill gate with round bars well secured by a high precision dual control lock which can be operated from both the inside and outside.


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